Donovan Mitchell defends Andrew Luck's retirement because of injuries: 'Shame on y'all'

Donovan Mitchell & Andrew Luck.png
Donovan Mitchell joins many professional athletes and other public figures who support Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck's decision to retire. (Photos: MGN)

Donovan Mitchell joins many professional athletes and other public figures who support Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck's decision to retire.

Luck shook the sports world on Saturday night when he announced that he's retiring from the NFL, saying that constant injuries had "taken the joy" out of football.

"I've been stuck in this process," he said in his impromptu news conference. "I haven't been able to live the life I want to live. It's taken the joy out of this game ... the only way forward for me is to remove myself from football."

He added:

This is not an easy decision. It's the hardest decision of my life. But it is the right decision for me.

As the announcement came as a shock to everyone, some people were not so supportive of Luck's retirement.

During Saturday's preseason game against the Chicago Cubs at Lucas Oil Stadium - home of the Colts - the quarterback met fans with disrespect when he was followed by "boos" roaring throughout the stadium as he headed off the field for the last time.

When video and news about fans' reactions to Luck's retirement, professional athletes and other professional sports figures stepped in to defend his decision. One of which was no other than the young Utah Jazz player.

"Y’all really boo’d him for making a decision concerning his own safety!" Mitchell tweeted Saturday night. "Shame on y’all man... Praying for nothing but blessings for you my brotha..."

Oliver Maroney, a professional basketball columnist, called the fan's reaction at Lucas Oil Stadium "sickening," adding that everyone should respect and understand his decision.

He tweeted:

This is sickening. This guy gave seven years and decided to retire due to injuries, his health & his wellbeing. Yet, fans still boo? No one knows what Andrew Luck has been through except Andrew Luck. We should all respect & understand his decision.

Wide receiver Dez Bryant wished Luck the best for his retirement.

And so did Arizona Cardinals' wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Houston Texans' defensive end J.J. Watt considered Luck's decision to retire as an act of courage.

"I think it takes an immense amount of courage and an immense amount of self-reflection and a lot of guts to do what he's doing," he said.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Robert Griffin III said he's glad that Luck found peace in his decision to retire.

"Much love to my fellow Texas brother. [Still] remember our time together as Heisman finalists and how we laughed about almost being teammates at Stanford," he tweeted. "The decision was only yours to make and I’m glad you have found peace in it. Respect."

During his tenure, Andrew Luck has thrown 171 career passing touchdowns and played in 86 games, where he's missed 26 of the possible 112 total games due to injury. Last season, he threw 39 touchdown passes, the most by any quarterback in NFL history after not playing the previous season.

He had a total of 33 wins his first three seasons, tying for the second-most by a quarterback in their first three seasons with Dan Marino and Matt Ryan. According to ESPN, Luck ranked first in Colts' history with most pass yards (23,671), pass touchdowns (171), completions (2,000) and quarterback wins (53).