7-year-old Utah girl's nose torn off in dog attack

The dog who tore off a girl's nose could be euthanized (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - On March 10th, a 7-year-old girl from Washington City was playing in the backyard at her friend's house in St. George when she was attacked by the family dog; a black lab mix.

Captain Gordon McCraken, who oversees animal control for St. George Police, tells 2News the victim called the dog over and he nipped at the child.

The girl's mother quickly drove her daughter to the emergency room at Dixie Regional Medical Center.

"Dogs are constantly nipping at kids faces but it's unusual the severity of the damage... that's not normal," McCraken said.

Police said the little girl's nose was torn off by the dog and now the dog's owner faces charges.

"He was cited for an attacking dog and the St. George city code and charges are pending...he never licensed the animal and as far as we can tell right now he has never been vaccinated," McCraken said.

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The black lab is currently being quarantined in an animal shelter and watched carefully and if investigators deem the animal "vicious" police say the dog could be "humanly euthanized."

If you're interested in helping the dog attack victim go to her GoFundMe page.