'Nuisance vehicle' taken down from Clearfield woman's tree

Clearfield woman forced to take car down from tree. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — Crews took a Volkswagen Bug down from a Clearfield woman's tree on Tuesday after the city deemed it a "nuisance vehicle."

Janis Zettle, the homeowner, encountered resistance against the tree-bound car in early January when a neighbor complained to the city.

The car was deemed a "nuisance vehicle," which is to say that it is partially dismantled or inoperable, according to Asst. Chief of police Kelly Bennett.

The car was also considered dangerous by authorities. "There is still that potential, with snow and ice, that the weight could cause that (car) to come out of the tree and it's a safety hazard," Bennett said.

Despite an online petition to keep the car, it was taken down Tuesday afternoon.

Crews had a difficult time finding a way to remove the car from the tree without allowing it to fall, which would likely result in damage to the sidewalk and Zettle's front yard.

The crews were able to safely lower the car to the roadside without incident.