Community members oppose Prop 2, citing 'negative impact' it could have on youth

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A group of community members who oppose Proposition 2 will speak in opposition of the bill at the State Capitol. (Photo: Brian Morris / KUTV)

(KUTV) -- A group of community members who oppose Proposition 2 will spoke at the State Capitol Wednesday.

This press conference is being held by the Davis County Republican Women.

During the meeting, the group's objective was to "clarify the current situation regarding Proposition 2" and each speaker focused "on the negative impact Proposition 2 could have on our youth," a new release stated.

Organizations who participated in the event are listed as follows:

  • Dr. Jennifer Brown, representing Davis County Republican Women, Weber County Republican Women, Professional Republican Women, Utah County Republican Women
  • LeAnn Wood, Utah PTA Education Commissioner
  • Shante Johnson, Public Relations Director for the Fraternal Order of Police Utah State Lodge
  • Abby Osborne, Salt Lake Chamber
  • Gayle Ruzicka, Representative of Drug Safe Utah
  • Laura Bunker, President of Family Policy Resource

Utahns are somewhat divided when it comes to Proposition 2. Some support it, others don't and some want the policy to be rewritten.

One week ago, political members, religious leaders and other community figures met at the State Capitol to announce a compromise on Proposition 2.

At the meeting, Gov. Gary Hebert announced he would call for a special session after the Nov. 6 general election to pass a "better bill" for medical marijuana in Utah.

Several other community members, who spoke after the governor, expressed their support for the compromise.

Last week, policy groups like the Utah Medical Association and Drug Safe Utah were reviewing Prop 2 before it goes to voters on Nov. 6.

In July, the Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Utah, doing business as Drug Safe Utah, dropped its lawsuit to keep the medical marijuana initiative off the November ballot. The withdrawal meant that the initiative would be uncontested and allowed voters to decide if medical marijuana should be legalized in Utah.

Now, Truth About Proposition 2, a Utah non-profit organization, is suing the state, claiming lawmakers need to shorten the time on the state's motion for a preliminary injunction.