Congressman Chris Stewart hosts Wild Horse Unity Roundtable

Congressman Chris Stewart (R-Utah) will be hosting a Wild Horse Unity Roundtable. (Photo: KUTV){ }

(KUTV) -- Congressman Chris Stewart hosted a Wild Horse Unity Roundtable on Wednesday.

The roundtable was an opportunity for experts and stakeholders to share their perspective on the management of wild horses.

The wild horse and burro population in Utah is estimated at 5,000 yet the state's management plan is set for a population of 2,500.

There are too many horses on the range and they go outside of their herd management areas which cause safety issues.

There are also degradation issues of forest and range land that needs to be addressed so Utah can stake claim to healthy horses on healthy range lands.

Participants of the roundtable included:

  • State of Utah,
  • Beaver County,
  • American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,
  • U.S. Humane Society,
  • Return to Freedom,
  • Utah State University,
  • American Mustang Foundation,
  • Utah Cattlemen’s Association.