Counterfeit bills circulating in Utah

KUTV real or fake bill 111317.JPG
Counterfeit bills circulating in Utah (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Police in St. George, Utah, say they are dealing with more and more people using counterfeit bills.

“We’ve had about 56 reported incidents of counterfeit bills being passed. A few of them have been unfounded, but a majority have been legitimate incidents,” Lona Trombley, an officer with the St. George Police, said.

Police rely heavily on witness statements and security footage when it comes to investigating these fraud crimes.

“Could be something that we can send you to federal prison depending what we find from it,” Trombley said.

This problem has not only made it into St. George but it’s spread its way to other communities, including across state borders into communities like Mesquite, Nevada.

Quinn Averett, spokesman for the police department, told 2News police are already getting word of the fake bills sliding around the community.

“We’ve had a few complaints come in from citizens that they’ve seen counterfeit bills in circulation but we haven’t had anybody coming in to us recently wanting to file a police report,” Averett said.

This is worrisome to police, Averett said, with all the gambling and money that goes in and out of this community. It’s a prime spot for something like this to happen.

“I’m sure it’s happening,” Averett said.

According to police, in order for these communities to stop the problem from getting worse, they need the public’s help.

“We want to investigate these crimes but can’t if they aren’t reported to us,” Averett said.

If you’d like to see what a counterfeit bill looks like here are two links: for security features on $100 bills or for features used from 2013 through today.

You can see security features in the bills below.

If you do recognize a bill as counterfeit, get as much suspect information as you can and call your local police department immediately.