Donovan Mitchell partners with doTERRA for new foundation to empower women

Donovan Mitchell with his mother Nicole and sister Jordan. (Photo courtesy of PR Newswire){ }

In honor of International Women's day, Donovan Mitchell and doTERRA are launching a new foundation.

SPIDACARES aims to empower women.

The foundation will work to provide job training, resources for victims and loan money to small businesses and students.

In an interview with doTERRA, the Utah Jazz basketball star says he "wouldn't be where he is today without his mother and sister."

Mitchell recalled the sacrifices his mother Nicole and his sister Jordan made for him as he furthered his basketball career.

"I had a small percentage of making it to the NBA, and I kind of pushed myself past a limit I never thought I push myself."

Mitchell says he wants to help empower women "because when women are given a fair shot, they're absolute game changers."