Drivers in Sandy brave first commute with 10600 South closure

Drivers in Sandy brave first commute with 10600 South closure (Photo: Daniel Woodruff / KUTV)

(KUTV) Drivers on Interstate 15 and surrounding roads in Sandy are facing a few weeks of extra delays.

The 10600 South interchange is closed. Roughly 42,000 vehicles travel that interchange every day, and all the traffic has to go somewhere.

Monday, people got their first taste of what that will be like.

“That interchange being closed is annoying,” said driver Alyn Bone. “It’s frustrating because it is a major corridor.”

With that corridor closed, traffic was heavy during Monday rush hour on State Street as well as 9000 and 11400 South.

This will likely continue for the next two weeks, said Utah Department of Transportation spokesman John Gleason.

“We could see a lot of delays, a lot of extra traffic,” Gleason said.

But, he noted, it all has a purpose.

“It’s the short term inconvenience but a long-term payoff,” said Gleason.

UDOT crews are moving a new underpass into place. It will eventually connect northbound I-15 traffic to downtown Sandy.

“The whole objective here is to improve the congestion that we see around Sandy, around 10600 South there,” Gleason said.

To do that, crews closed the interchange. They're working 24/7 to open it back up.

It's understandable to drivers like Bone, but still tough.

“We do, as drivers, probably should be a little more patient, I get that,” said Bone as she got ready to drive home to Davis County from Sandy. “But it is frustrating now.”

The interchange is scheduled to re-open September 25. The entire project won't be finished until next year, according to UDOT.