Elk causes semi to overturn between Moab and Monticello

Elk vs Semi between Moab and Monticello_UHP Southeast Region.PNG
Elk vs Semi between Moab and Monticello. (Photo: UHP Southeast Region)

An elk crossing the road caused a semi-truck to overturn in southern Utah between Moab and Monticello.

That's the second large vehicle an elk has taken down in Utah in less than a year.

In February 2018, an elk took down a helicopter in Wasatch County.

The accident happened Sunday at approximately 11 a.m. on U.S. 191.

No people were injured, but the elk was decimated by semi truck, which overturned trying to avoid the elk.

In both the semi and helicopter accidents, the elk were killed.

Utah Highway Patrol's Southeast Region posted a photo of the overturned semi to Twitter saying: "Keep a careful eye out all the animals are looking for easy feed next to the roadways. The road salt and with UDOT’s awesome work clearing the roads looks inviting."