League of Utah Writers brings 2 New York Times bestselling authors for annual conference

League of Utah Writers Authors.png
The League of Utah Writers will host its 84th annual writing conference in August. (Photos Courtesy of the League of Utah Writers / Harpers Collins)

The League of Utah Writers will host its 84th annual writing conference in August.

The group announced Sunday that they'll host their annual writing conference designed to offer instruction to amateur and professional writers across the state - Quills.

For over 80 years, the League has been a resource for writers all around Utah to help them hone their craft and gather with other writers. At this year's event, they'll host New York Times bestselling authors Anne Hillerman ("Spider Woman's Daughter"; "The Tale Teller") and Michael A. Stackpole ("I, Jedi"; The Star Wars X-wing series) as keynote speakers to address and teach workshops to help writers learn their art better.

Other guests include agents, editors and authors from across the country who will be presenting panels, conducting workshops and training attendees in fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting, poetry and more. According to the official press release, there will be more than 100 hours of panels, workshops and networking opportunities for attending writers.

“For 84 years the League of Utah Writers has been doing its best to elevate the careers of writers in our state,” stated author and League president Johnny Worthen. “And I have to say that for our 84th league-wide gathering, we’ve pulled out all the stops to make this the most professional and informative conference to help writers from around the state--and even around the country--learn the skills they need to succeed.”

Quills will be at the University Marriott in Salt Lake City from Aug. 22 to Aug. 24. Admission fees range from $100 to $365, depending on a variety of factors; and, discounts are available for teenage writers and league members.

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