Man arrested on months-old warrant following announcement he is suing SLCPD

Man arrested on months-old warrant from as he announces he is suing SLCPD (Photo: Cristina Flores / KUTV)

(KUTV) A man was arrested today after he announced he is suing a Salt Lake Police Department officer for an attack he took from a K9 officer.

An arrest warrant was issued for Jackie Joseph Sanchez on Sept. 11 when he did not appear for a court date, stemming from a July 28 incident when he was bitten by a police K9 officer, the basis of the lawsuit filed by Sanchez, 61.

Wednesday, the same day media was called to a press briefing about the lawsuit, Salt Lake police tweeted, asking "if you know where this suspect is, call (801) 799-300. Media were waiting to enter the meeting room for the press briefing as the SLCPD issued the tweet.

Sanchez' attorney said officer Benjamin Hone had no reason to unleash his police dog, canine officer Ted, on Sanchez.

Hone is the same officer who was praised in 2015 for saving the lives of Kelsi and BreAnn Lasley as they were being attacked by Robert Berger. Hone shot and killed Berger.

Police showed up at the briefing and arrested Sanchez, who told media it was "bogus" that he was located at the same time he announced his lawsuit against the officer.

The original incident happened July 28. Sanchez was ordered to appear in court on Aug. 8 and didn't appear on Sept. 11, when the $5,000 bench warrant was issued. Police located and arrested him on the warrant Dec. 6.

The summons, obtained by KUTV, it states that two males, including Sanchez, were causing a disturbance. It says Sanchez was sitting on the bench -- a bus-stop bench from the vehicle -- and was verbally abusive to Hone when he arrived and reportedly told the officer he would fight him.

Hone, the document says, told Sanchez to say seated and to stay calm, "or he would deploy the canine officer Ted."

"F___ you and that dog!" Sanchez reportedly told the officer. "I will f___ you up!"

The warrant states that Sanchez then got up, took a fighting stance and walked toward Hone in an aggressive manner. Hone then reportedly released Ted on Sanchez who struggled and refused to comply. Once Sanchez was compliant, Hone commanded officer Ted to stop.

"It was like a nightmare," Sanchez said Wednesday of the attack.

Sanchez' attorney, Robert Sykes, said there was excessive force and improper use of a canine. He said Sanchez didn't take a fighting stance and wasn't aggressive and said there was no basis to use a K9.

Hone did not have his body camera on at the time according to police. Another officer also responded and did have body camera footage but polie are not releasing it. There is also surveilance footage of the confrontation but it doesn't capture the moment of the attack.

He also had a witness present who described what she saw.