Utah teen creates prosthetic hands for children in need

Orem teen creates prosthetic hands for children in need (4).png
Orem teen Joseph Huff creates prosthetic hands for children in need. (KUTV)

OREM, Utah (KUTV) - An Orem teen is getting national recognition for the work he’s doing that’s helping people across the country and in his own home.

Joseph Huff was awarded the 4-H Youth in Action STEM Pillar Award for his use of 3D printing.

He’s been learning how to design and print using a 3D printer since he was 9 years old.

“I’ve always loved science,” Huff said.

Over the last four years, he’s focused his work in 3D printing to design by creating prosthetic hands for children. Huff told 2News:

I wanted a project that would touch someone’s life.

He partnered with a non-profit. He builds the prosthetic hands and the non-profit distributes them.

“I am just so impressed with him,” Andrew Hoff, Joseph’s dad said.

Andrew is Joseph’s motivation. He suffered a stroke when he was 25 and has minimal use of his right hand.

“I’ve been working on a tenodesis to help him regain the use of his hand,” Joseph said. His background in 3D printing helped him create a prosthetic for his dad.

“I’m working on a wrist-activated opening device,” he said.

As well as the national 4-H award, Joseph also received a $5,000 scholarship. He will present his work in Washington D.C. later this year.