Proposed off-ramp in Washington City could threaten homes, residents

Proposed off-ramp in Washington City could threaten homes, residents. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Residents in the Washington City community are scared they'll lose their homes after a recent city council proposal was made to add an off ramp at the center of town.

The goal of this proposed project is to alleviate some of the traffic that's been increasing around Green Springs Drive and Telegraph Road.

Washington City public works Director, Mike Shaw says it's not a finalized idea at this point. This off ramp idea is one of many options that could improve the part of Main Street that council members are looking at.

One fear residents have expressed to council members is the chance they will lose their homes or increase more traffic in town.

"Could we possibly have to take some homes? Possibly, but like I say it's so early in the process," Shaw said adding that the plan is also part of an environmental study.

Part of the study is also a possibility of a "no build," Shaw said.

"We're looking at 20, 30, 40 years into the future and looking at our transportation needs."

Part of this process is getting the publics opinion and Shaw said they want to give the residents exactly what they want.

"We want the public opinion ... we're happy that they're concerned." Shaw said.

2News spoke to a number of residents who are concerned about the future of their homes and the town of this plan were to follow through.

Listen to what residents had to say in the video above.

The first public meeting is expected to be held in Washington City in August.