Public asked to help find 80-year-old man with dementia driving north of Scipio, Utah

KUTV Arden Missing 061617.JPG
Arden Evans (Photo: Courtesy family photo)

(KUTV) An 80-year-old man, said to have severe dementia, reportedly left his son and dog at different rest stops and is now missing and endangered, according to police.

The man, Arden Evans, was traveling with his son from Montana to Yuma, Arizona, according to the Beaver County sheriff. They were driving a gray Honda Odyssey van with Arizona plate BGT 0412.

Arden Evans was traveling with his son, Bart Evans, but left him at a truck stop in Beaver, Utah, on Interstate 15. They had pulled over for the night to get some sleep. Bart Evans woke up and went into a store only to come out and see his father driving away. His wallet and possessions and dog were still in the van.

Evans was then southbound with the van, including the black Labrador. Bart Evans was notified hours later that the dog was found chasing the minivan at a rest stop in Cedar City.

Arden Evans' last cell phone ping was about four miles north of the Scipio cell phone tower a few minute before noon. Officials said it is believed the man was northbound at that time. It is believed the phone's battery died.

The dog was found and taken to a shelter.

Bart Evans said his father can drive but is very confused. He said he should not be on the road by himself. Bart Evans was stranded without resources and is trying to find his father, car and belongings and eventually collect his dog.

Officials request anyone with information about the man's location to call 435.586.9445 or the Beaver County Sheriff's Office.

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