Quick actions help brothers escape fast-moving house fire

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Quick actions help brothers escape fast-moving house fire (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Two brothers escaped a fast moving fire in West Jordan, Utah, thanks to a neighbor and the quick actions of the older brother.

"It was terrifying," said Dante Long, 19, when talking about what happened during the early morning hours on Tuesday when the home he and his brother were in at about 8500 South and Redwood Road went up in flames.

"I looked out my door and I saw smoke everywhere," said Long. "The thought process that went through my mind is 'I've got to get [my brother] out as soon as possible.'"

Dante ran upstairs through the thick smoke and flames grabbed his brother and got out through his back-bedroom window with the help of neighbor, Chester Archuletta, who helped them get out just in time.

"For someone that I don't know to come up to us and talk to us and risk his own life is everything," Long said.

Archuletta said it was about 5 a.m. when he heard a loud explosion and saw the house go up in flames. He was next door, at his friend’s house.

"I heard a big boom and I look over here and the house in flames. My friend said 'there are people over there,'" Archuletta said. "I ran up and knocked that window out and started yelling in there, 'is anybody here?'"

The flames shot out across the driveway but that didn't stop Archuletta.

"Some guy said 'don't go back there it's too hot' and I said 'forget you' and I took off running. I went to that back window there and started banging on it."

Archuletta helped get the boys out through the back window.

Long said it was Archuletta breaking the window that woke him up just in time.

"I think anybody would have done the same thing. I know they would have died if someone didn't get them out of there," Archuletta said.

The boys' mother, Leigh-Ann Long, credits Archuletta for saving her boys life.

She was out of town on business when the fire broke out.

"He came through the heat and flames to the back of the house to bang on a window. He didn't even know if anyone was in it," Leigh-Ann Long said.

The family managed to salvage a few precious items, like Dante Long's guitars. He's a musician and had thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

There were also some photos and an important high school diploma. But everything else is gone according to Leigh-Ann Long.

They have their lives and that's what matters most, according to the family.

"We can take new pictures. We can have our memories in our minds," Leigh-Ann Long said. "But nothing would be tougher than losing my kids."

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family because they were renting the home and had no insurance.

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