Rally for 'Silent Majority' at Utah Capitol

Rally for 'Silent Majority' at Utah Capitol. (Photo KUTV)

Saturday a group held what they called a “Silent Majority Unity Rally” at the Utah State Capitol.

The rally was organized by a new Utah group called “Civilized Awakening.”

A co-founder of the group, Shannon Macinnes, said they want to awaken what they call the silent majority.

“It is anybody who has a belief system that they feel they cannot speak out for, and stand up for. Partly due to cancel culture,” Macinnes said.

She said the silent majority is often stereotyped, and today’s rally was meant to show the diversity in their supporters.

“For being religious you’re deemed A bigot. If you support law enforcement you’re automatically labeled a racist.”

The organizers said this rally is not meant to be a counter protest to Black Lives Matter rallies, or those calling for an end to police brutality.

“It was more just against the civil unrest and violence. We’re not against anyone else’s beliefs and first amendment rights,” Macinnes said.

The other founder of civilized awakening, James Sullivan, said there are problems that impact the african american community in Utah, but they aren’t police violence.

“We care about their message, but there’s also a broader narrative that’s been ignored. And the only time that the country seems to care about black lives is when the media tells us to,” said Sullivan.