Report: Students are least likely to succeed in Ogden School District

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A new report has thrust Ogden School District into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. (Photo: KUTV)

A new report has thrust Ogden School District into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

An article released by 24/7 Wall St., lists what they deem to be the school district in each state where students are least likely to succeed.

That is based on things like graduation rates and spending per pupil per district. It states Ogden‘s graduation rate at 69 percent and says on average the district spends about $3,300 less per student than the national average.

We spoke Thursday with the school superintendent Rich Nye, who says that information is all wrong. He says the statistic regarding graduation rate, is based on old data from two or three years ago. He says in 2018 the district had a graduation rate of 77 percent. He does it knowledge that is below the state’s average of 87 percent, saying obviously more work can be done.

When it comes to spending per student, Nye tells us that on average the Ogden school district spends about $1,000 more per pupil than the state average. When compared to the national average, he agrees that it is lower, but Utah notoriously spends less per student than other states.

Nye also tells us that 85 percent of the students in the district come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, with only about 19 percent of parents having gone to college.

He also tells us that Ogden has one of the lowest student to teacher ratio‘s in the state--at 19 kids per teacher.

In addition to all of that, Ogden is one of two districts in the state, Weber County district being the other one, that are Google affiliated. That means a stronger emphasis on tact and different types of learning. This coming year students at four different schools will be part of a pilot program wherein they will get their own chrome books to work from. Those schools are Horace Mann Elementary School, New Bridge Elementary School, Mound Fort junior High School and Ogden High School.

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