Salgado's family plans to push police for answers

Elizabeth Salgado. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — It was an emotional arrival for the Salgado family when they landed at the Salt Lake City International Airport late Tuesday night.

They said they came to Utah for answers.

This is the family’s first time to Utah since Elizabeth Salgado’s remains were found in May.

They say they strongly believe the detectives are looking in the wrong place.

They said they are in Utah as a family in hopes of putting pressure on the case.

"We're going to find this person, because I have faith that the detectives will do that job," said Rosemberg Salgado, Elizabeth's uncle.

"We're going to ask them to make sure that they investigation the people that we always felt were suspects, and they're not going to get away, because I will not be in peace until we find whoever did this," he concluded.

Elizabeth, 26, was found up Hobble Creek Canyon last month.

"It's just a reminder that tragedies like this can happen at any time to anyone," said Lt. Steven Katz of the West Valley Police Department, "so just a reminder and the importance of remaining extra cognizant and cautious when you're driving especially in the dark."

She had been missing since April 16, 2015 when she was seen walking home from school.

On Wednesday the family, including Elizabeth’s mother, father, and two uncles,

will speak with detectives and visit the site where Elizabeth’s remains were discovered.

Police have persons of interest, but are still working on leads.