Spencer Cox orders toilet paper from China... gets something unexpected, yet hilarious

A roll of toilet paper. (FILE: Getty Images)

Republican gubernatorial candidate Spencer Cox is laughing after ordering toilet paper from China, and not getting quite what he expected.

Back on April 3, Cox's wife -- along with just about everyone else -- was concerned about toilet paper shortages affecting stores across Utah and the nation.

The package supposed to take two weeks to arrive, but four months after placing the order, it finally arrived. Well, something resembling toilet paper arrived.

Cox tweeted:

Remember when the world was running out of toilet paper? On April 3rd my wife was getting nervous so I ordered some on Amazon. It was coming from China and supposed to take 2 weeks. Well, it just arrived today... and... um... I guess I’ll just let these pics finish the story."

As you can see, the toilet paper is much smaller and has a much larger roll than standard American toilet paper.

Twitter user "@summerprj" commented with a similar photo.