Thursday election numbers show small increases for Prop 2, McAdams

brian prop 2 3.PNG
New voter numbers Thursday showed a slight increase in the lead in favor of medical marijuana. (File photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — New voter numbers Thursday showed a slight increase in the lead in favor of medical marijuana and a slight increase in the lead for Ben McAdams against Mia Love.

But the changes are so small, that it just looks like more waiting before any of the close races in Utah are decided. The numbers updated at 3 p.m. on the state election results website but they were provided by Salt Lake County, reflecting a small percentage of the statewide vote for ballot propositions and only part of the story in Utah's 4th Congressional District, which is waiting until Friday to get new data from Utah County, considered a Love stronghold.

Wednesday also had new numbers from Salt Lake County with similar results.

Here are some of the highlights:

Proposition #2 legalizing medical cannabis

  • FOR: 423,904 vote, 53.57 percent up from 407,943, 53.23 percent
  • AGAINST: 367,389, 46.43 percent up from 358,417, 46.77 percent

Proposition #3 to expand medical care for those under or near the poverty level

  • FOR: 422,247, 54.33 percent up from 407,596 or 54.14 percent
  • AGAINST: 354,922, 45.67 percent changed from 345,258 or 45.86 percent

Proposition #4 to draw fair voting districts

  • FOR: 385,791 or 50.67 percent, changed from 371,614 or 50.37 percent
  • AGAINST: 375,564 or 49.33 percent, changed from 366,111 votes, 49.63 percent

Ben McAdams vs. Mia Love

  • McAdams 104,158, 51.77 percent
  • Love 97,030, 48.23 percent

Republican Mia Love and her Democratic challenger Ben McAdams awknowledged their race could be close, and as expected they're locked in a battle that may not be decided for days.

McAdams was leading Love by a narrow margin at the end of election night on the strength of a strong showing in his home county of Salt Lake County.

Love is hoping to flip the deficit by winning a large portion of the votes left to be counted in her stronghold of Utah County, where long polling lines and a lack of early voting led to slow vote tallies.

Love, the only black Republican woman in Congress, is seeking a third term.

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