Toddler killed, infant injured in Provo deadly crash

A Pleasant Grove Utility truck was traveling southbound on University Ave when it crashed into a red station wagon at a high speed. This caused a chain reaction causing the red station wagon to crash into a white sedan, which caused the white sedan to crash into a minivan. (Photo: Provo Police)

UPDATE: Police have identified the little girl killed as Chelsey Parkinson. Police also updated the age of the injured girl to 15 months old. They previously reported she was 8 months old.

(KUTV) -- A 3-year-old girl died in a car crash Sunday at the intersection of 3700 North and University Avenue in Provo.

Around 4:48 p.m., Provo police sai a truck driver hit the back of a red SUV stopped at a red light. The collision caused a four car pile-up on University Ave.

The red SUV sustained the most severe damage. The driver was taken to an area hospital and treated for her injuries. Her daughter, 3 years old, died on scene.

The woman’s 8-month-old son was taken by air ambulance to Primary Children's Hospital in critical condition.

Provo Police are still investigating the crash.

“It’s just really tragic. Not only did the family lose their 3 year old, we have this 8 month old that’s in critical condition at the hospital right now,” Dupaix said.

The truck that appears to have caused the collision was a Pleasant Grove city utility vehicle.

“We’re not sure at this time if the driver was an employee or not,” Dupaix said. “He could potentially have been going the speed limit. But when you look at these factors when you have a car going 45-50 mph and strikes a car that is at a dead stop, it is going to cause significant amount of damage.”

Area residents expressed concerns about traffic in the area.

“We see accidents frequently here. There definitely should be some kind of traffic study done to see what could be improved,” said Katie Steed. “We cross this road frequently to get on the bike trail and I’m amazed at how many people don’t see me, my bike carrier, and my daughter on a bike.”

The detective agreed many traffic collisions happen on University Avenue.

“Most of our severe traffic accidents are from here north of the canyon because speed, it is a big factor,” Dupaix said.

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