USU says 'a couple of staff members' involved in postgame incident with Nevada players

Nevada USU postgame altercation 5.PNG
USU released a statement after emotions ran high after a basketball game against Nevada. (Photo: Jake Edmonds / KUTV)

(KUTV) — Utah State University said the post-game incident involving the Nevada basketball team involved team staff members and not students or student athletes.

Athletic Director John Hartwell and Vice President John Hartwell released a statement that placed the blame on staff members. The staffers were not identified and it has not yet been explained exactly what words led to an angry outburst from a Nevada player after the game against the Aggies.

KUTV sports reporter Jake Edmonds took video of the outburst that found a national audience with a lot of commentary on social media.

Students rushed the court after USU defeated the nationally ranked Wolfpack 81 to 76 Saturday night.

"The unsportsmanlike behavior following the game did not include any of our student-athletes, but rather a couple of staff members, which is unacceptable, and we will handle those issued internally," he said. "Utah State Athletics will review our game management procedures in an effort to continually learn and improve,"

The statement thanked the Mountain West Confference and the University of Nevada with help reviewing the postgame incident. It called the events unfortunate but said it should not "overshadow what was a great college basketball game between two NCAA Tournament-caliber teams."