Utah couple arrested after violating Hawaii's 14-day quarantine order

tripp haw background.PNG
Utah couple arrested after violating Hawaii's 14-day quarantine order. (Mugshots courtesy of The Hawaii Police Department)

The Hawaii Police Department said they had to arrest a Utah couple after they failed to comply with the mandatory 14-day quarantine order for visitors.

Jessica and Brad Tripp – ages 30 and 31, respectively – were arrested on Thursday. Officers found the couple outside the area they were supposed to self-quarantine almost two days after they arrived at the Big Island. Officers were tipped off about the couple through the state's task force dedicated to tracking all visitors during their first two weeks upon arrival.

The couple arrived on July 24 to Honolulu and traveled to the Mainland on July 28. They believed they were exempt from the Quarantine Proclamation, according to police. The couple made the $1,000 bond and are expected to be in court on September 15.

Although they are no longer in custody, the couple is still expected to complete their quarantine. They will face another arrest if they don't, the Hawaii Police Department said.

Hawaii Police Major Kenneth Quiocho released the following statement about the pandemic and how local law enforcement will take action when necessary:

“Examine the Big Islands minute exposure numbers in comparison to the mainland and other Hawaiian Islands. This is a real threat, and the police are doing their part to ensure that people on the Big Island remain safe. We don’t have the resources to devote to making sure people are compliant, and need everyone’s cooperation. We will take law enforcement action where needed.”