Utah family gets creative with social distancing 'Spring Break Chalk Challenge'

spring break chalk art challenge.png
Spring Break Chalk Challenge. (Photo: Amelia Evensen)

A Utah family has found a fun, safe, and hilarious way to connect during spring break while remaining apart -- calling it the "Spring Break Chalk Challenge."

Amelia Evensen's family spring break trip was canceled, but that didn't stop her family from having fun with each other, all while maintaining their distance.

Evensen, an English teacher at Lakeridge Junior High School in Orem, says her family all decided to create a piece of interactive chalk artwork at their respective homes every day.

The family would then text each other the hilarious photos. Evensen's parents would then determine each day's winner and give out prizes.

You can see Evensen's family chalk art photos in our gallery above or by clicking here.