Utah shaken 146 times by earthquakes in just the last two weeks

earthquake getty (4).jpg
Seismograph for earthquake detection (File photo: Getty Images)

Did you notice all the shaking that has been going on in Utah?

According to University of Utah Seismograph Stations, there have been 146 earthquakes in Utah in the last two weeks. The largest was Oct. 3, centered approximately 15 miles southwest of Circleville. The 4.4 magnitude quake prompted 274 reports from people feeling the quake and was followed by 12 aftershocks to date.

Far more reported than the Circleville shake was the 2.3 magnitude quake centered near Magna on Oct. 9. Despite being much smaller, the U of U collected 422 reports from those feeling it. It was considered an aftershock to one of Utah's largest quakes in March. Aftershocks can come months after a quake.

The state earthquake chart for the two-week time period shows red dots, or quakes, covering much of the state including at least one by the north, south, east and west borders of the state. They are most concentrated along the Interstate 15 path that cuts north to south along the state, accompanied by the greatest concentration of people.