Utah woman bombarded with Amazon packages she didn't order

Utah woman bombarded with Amazon packages she didn't order kutv (7).PNG
Utah woman bombarded with Amazon packages she didn't order. (Photo: KUTV)

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (KUTV) - A West Valley City home is beginning to fill up with a lot of really random stuff: an antenna, light bulbs, decorative knick-knacks, and a home waxing kit... to list a few.

A new box of oddities shows up every couple of weeks, says Katey White, who claims she didn’t order any of it.

White doesn't even have an Amazon account.

"I think this is the most odd thing ever,” she laughed.

The boxes are all in White’s name and, obviously, list her address but there have been zero suspicious charges on her credit card.

White says the shipments all come from Amazon, which she has called multiple times to ask who is behind the orders.

"He's like, ‘I can't give you that information.’ I'm like, ‘But it has my name and address on it," she said. “I want to know if it's really being paid for. That's what I'm concerned about."

White fears some future bill in the mail, or worse, that she's somehow unwittingly involved in some sort of scam.

With calls to Amazon getting her nowhere, she decided it was time to Get Gephardt.

"They've basically just said it could be a lot of different things," she said.

Get Gephardt reached out to Amazon on White’s behalf, not through customer service, but through the corporate public relations team.

A spokesperson wouldn't tell us who sent the packages but they did confirm that sending unsolicited packages is against Amazon’s rules.

In a statement, Amazon writes, "We remove sellers in violation of these policies, withhold payments, and work with law enforcement to take appropriate action."

It's against the rules, but it happens.

Sometimes companies will send stuff to people in the hopes they will write positive reviews of the products online.

Amazon says it is working to ensure White does not receive additional unsolicited packages.