Woman killed in Starbucks crash was young mother, therapist

Joslyn Spilsbury (Photo courtesy of Unified Police Department)

UPDATE: (June 12, 2019) -- A year later, charges have still not been filed against the man who crashed into a Starbucks in Holladay killing Joslyn Spilsbury and injuring five others.

Her mother speaks exclusively to 2News Reporter Brian Mullahy today at 5 p.m.

Joslyn Spilsbury is being remembered as a caring young mother and a licensed clinical social worker who had a big impact in helping her clients.

On Friday, she was with two other people relaxing outside a Starbucks in Holladay, where outdoor tables and chairs are on the sidewalk.

A pick-up truck raced across Highland Drive, slamming into a pillar near the coffee shop, striking and injuring Spilsbury and her companions. Spilsbury died at the scene.

“I’m totally shocked and just a little bit numb right now,“ said accountant Don Jex, who shared office space with the therapist.

Another person in the office building, John Tanner, said he had driven by the crash earlier in the day.

“I called my wife and said, ‘I guess they had a bad accident. They have the whole street closed off, and the radio says somebody was killed,’” Tanner said.

Later he learned that "somebody" was a beloved office-mate.

“She just had a way about her, making people feel good,“ he said.

He and Jex would watch clients come and go at the office.

“Sometimes they would walk in here with the weight of the world on their shoulders,“ said Jex. “And when they would turn around and leave, they would have the biggest smiles on their faces.“

Spilsbury also had a young daughter who Tanner said he thought was maybe 3 or 4 years old.

“She would talk about her daughter every time I saw Joslyn,“ said Tanner. “It was always her biggest concern, taking care of her daughter. She had a huge big heart for that little girl.“

Investigators say they think the driver of the truck may have suffered a medical crisis just before the crash.

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