Woods Cross High School baseball coach, teacher charged for showing pornography to minors


(KUTV) A Woods Cross High School baseball coach was recently charged with showing pornography to three teenage students, according to prosecutors.

Trevor J. Amicone, 29, was charged on Feb. 10 in 2nd District Court with three counts of dealing in harmful material to a minor by an adult, all third-degree felonies.

Amicone is the head baseball coach at Woods Cross High School and a U.S. History teacher.

Three minors were shown the pornographic material sometime between September 1, 2015 and June 1, 2016, according to court records.

Woods Cross Police received a report that Amicone had shown pornographic material to minors in Davis County, court records state. Several witnesses were interviewed and one witness said Amicone showed him a picture of a naked woman where he could see her completely naked body, according to court records. Another witness told officers that Amicone showed him pictures and video of a naked woman. A third witness said that the baseball coach showed him a video of a naked woman touching herself, court documents state.

“We take allegations like this very seriously,” Davis School District Spokeswoman Shauna Lund told KUTV adding that the school took every precaution to remove any risk to the students. “Our number one job is to protect students.”

Lund said Amicone has been on paid-leave since Oct. 6, 2016, which is the day the district became aware of the allegations. She said if anyone has any additional information that might help, they are encouraged to contact Woods Cross Police.

Amicone was hired by the school district in January 2015 as a part-time computer lab specialist while he also coached baseball at Woods Cross High School, Lund said. While working through the Alternative Routes to Licensure, Amicone was eventually employed full-time as a history teacher in August of 2015.

Whether it is in the classroom or interactions with students online, Lund says the expectation is the same.

"We expect teachers to be professional and respect appropriate boundaries with a student in all those realms."

Amicone is the son of Salt Lake Bees General Manager Marc Amicone and head softball coach Mary Kay Amicone at Weber State University.

Court records indicate Amicone was issued a summons to appear and was not arrested. His initial court appearance is scheduled for March 27.