Caught on Camera: Guy showers in street after broken water main interrupts his morning

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A Clintonville-area man upset decided he wasn't going to let a broken water main completely interrupt his shower. Instead he decided to step out into the water shooting up into the air in the street (Courtesy: Cody Vickers)

Sometimes you have to do what it takes to make sure you get ready in the morning. Even if that means showering naked in the middle of the street from a fountain created by a broken water line.

Yep, that really happened.

Construction crews were working on North High Street, near Arcadia Avenue in the Clintonville neighborhood, when a crew hit a water main about 9:15 Wednesday morning. With water suddenly out to the area, one man who was showering was not happy and his frustrations took him out to the street, where he apparently decided to make the best of the situation.

Cody Vickers was working with one of the crews in the area when he saw the scene unfolding. In a Facebook post that quickly started going viral, Vickers said the man came out yelling and cussing at the crew about being in the shower - while still fully naked. Then he stepped into the spray of water shooting into the air and finished his shower.

The expressions in the picture definitely tell their own story, with workers staring at each other incredulously. Vickers also captured video at the scene, showing the man calmly using the water and rinsing off for a short period of time while the crew climbed out of the hole and reacted in shock.

No word on why the man might have needed to be in a hurry...but clearly he wasn't about to let anything stop him. You do you, Columbus.