Not kitten around: Cat 'feline' fine after tree rescue

CCSO deputy helps save kitten from tree. (CCSO)

CLACKAMAS COUNTY, Ore (KATU) - We're not kitten around: Clackamas County Sheriff's Office and Molalla Fire Dept actually encountered a kitten stuck in a tree.

CCSO posted the saga on their Twitter account, documenting the kitten stuck in the tree and the rescue efforts by firefighters.

The little kitten wasn't easy to get out of the tree, and first responders reported a bit of a cattitude.

They managed to get the kitten down, saying it was feline fine.

While they weren't able to immediately find its family, the kitten enjoyed a ride-along with a CCSO deputy. They even stopped for a little lunch.

In the end, the 4-month-old kitten made it back home to a very happy little girl.

The family said the cat, named "Scootaloo," had been missing for a couple days.