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'He's everyone's best bud': Meet Ranger, the German Shepherd forever-puppy

Ranger the Dwarf German Shepherd via Instagram 2.PNG
This cute, little guy is going to be little forever - literally. (Screenshot:{ }Shelby and Darcy Mayo / Instagram via @ranger_thegshepherd)

This cute, little guy is going to be little forever - literally.

Meet Ranger, the 2-1/2-year-old German Shepherd. The dog "never ended up growing" when Phoenix sisters Shelby and Darcy Mayo brought him home as a puppy, according to a recent report from CNN. The two, who run his Instagram account stated that Ranger's small size is a result of being born with a form of dwarfism.

On his Instagram, Ranger's 112,000 followers are treated with pictures of him playing with his dog friends, cuddling with his humans and playing with toys nearly his size, stated CNN. He weighs just 15 pounds, compared to the average male adult German Shepherd, which can weigh as much as 90 pounds, according to the American Kennel Club.

Ranger's smallness may have given his loyal followers hundreds of adorable pictures but it has come with a long list of complications.

His family has visited vet after vet for months to help clear him of parasitic infections, thyroid issues and other ailments, the Mayo sisters told CNN. They stated it's also likely that Ranger will have a shorter lifespan. According to the AKC, German Shepherds typically live for about seven to 10 years.

At first, they believed the infections caused his stunted growth, Darcy told CNN.

"The thing with [dogs with dwarfism is] there's not a ton of information out there because it's so rare," she stated. "Even the vets didn't know much. They were doing their own research."

So the sisters turned to their followers, many of whom had dogs with similar conditions and offered advice.

"[They] were extremely helpful," she stated.

Because of Ranger's huge social media following, the Mayo sisters often find themselves giving advice to other dog owners and raising awareness about his condition.

"It's really nice to be helping other people and also raising awareness," Darcy told CNN. "We do our best to give them advice, but it can be very scary to think your dog is sick."

Other than the advice, the sisters told CNN that they have followers who may check in on the account to "brighten their bad days," stating that it's the far-reaching impact that Ranger has.

They told CNN:

He's everyone's best bud.

To see more of Ranger's cuteness and stay updated on his life, you can follow his Instagram account here. He also has his own Etsy store, where fans can grab adorable coffee mugs, shirts and phone cases with his photo on them.