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Japanese mayor Jo Baiden goes viral after Joe Biden's projected victory

Supplied photo shows Yutaka Umeda's profile as shown on the website of the town of Yamato in southwestern Japan's Kumamoto Prefecture. (

Years after the city of Obama, Japan went viral, it only makes sense that Japanese mayor Jo Baiden would go viral as well, especially after the projected presidential victory for former U.S. vice-president Joe Biden.

Japanese news agency Kyodo News reports that73-year-old Yutaka Umeda, mayor of Yamato, Japan was surprised when he learned that the alternate spelling of his name, "Jo Baiden," began to get online attention.

Kyodo News explains that "Kanji Chinese characters usually have several phonetic readings," saying:

The mayor's family name comprises characters meaning 'plum' and 'rice field,' but while they are usually pronounced as 'ume' and 'da' in the name -- a fairly common one in Japan -- they can be also pronounced as 'bai' and 'den.' The character for Yutaka, meanwhile, is more commonly pronounced as 'jo.'"

Umeda, a.k.a., Baiden says he's received many messages from people congratulating him on the projected victory of Joe Biden.

Baiden says:

I feel very close to him. It feels as though I've also won the election after hearing about (Joe Biden's) projected win. Being the president of a superpower as the United States and a mayor of Yamato -- the scale (of our jobs) is completely different, but I would like to think of ways to promote the town."

About 15,000 people live in the southern Japanese town of Yamato, a place Jo Baiden hopes gains more attention following his internet fame. No word if Joe Biden is aware of Jo Baiden's newly found internet fame.