Man arrested for pulling knife on Uber driver after he was kicked out for snorting drugs

Paul Swedenborg mug.jpg
Paul Swedenborg mugshgot. (Photo: Summit County Jail)

A Utah man is facing three charges related to an incident he had with an Uber driver early Sunday morning in Park City.

Paul Beckmann Swedenborg, 25, was arrested for aggravated assault, intoxication, and disorderly conduct after an Uber driver reported him to police.

A probable cause statement from the Summit County Sheriff's Office states that the Uber driver picked up Swedenborg and other passengers on Main Street in Park City sometime before 4 a.m., Sunday.

The Uber driver was asked to take Swedenborg to Kimball Junction after dropping off the other passengers at a Silver Creek home.

The driver initially agreed but changed his mind after he says he saw Swedenborg and the other passengers "snorting drugs," according to the probable cause statement.

When the driver got to the Silver Creek residence, he told Swedenborg to get out of his car and find another way home.

That's when the Uber driver says Swedenborg became confrontational but exited the vehicle.

The Uber driver locked all of his car doors, fearing for his safety.

Police say Swedenborg tried to get back into the car by trying every door handle before throwing a piece of firewood at the car and pulling a knife.

Police say Swedenborg threatened the driver with the knife while outside the car, demanding a free ride.

The driver called the police, who responded and found Swedenborg "laying in a snowbank."

Cops say Swedenborg "smelled strongly of alcoholic beverage, had red bloodshot eyes, slurred speech consistent with intoxication," according to the probable cause statement.

At 4:18 a.m., Swedenborg was arrested.

Police found a knife matching the Uber driver's description while searching Swedenborg.

Police did not find any evidence of firewood being thrown at the driver's vehicle.