Video: Company surprises its 198 employees with $10 million holiday bonus

Company surprises its 198 employees with $10 million holiday bonus (4).JPG
Employees learn they are getting a huge bonus. The average bonus for each employee is $50,000. (Photo used with permission:{ }Ashlene Larson,{ }St. John Properties)

Employees of St. John Properties got the surprise of a lifetime after the company's founder announced the company is giving a $10 million bonus to be divided amongst its 198 employees. That includes nine people who work at the company's Salt Lake City office.

During the company's annual holiday party, St. John Properties founder and chairman Edward St. John shocked his employees with the news.

Watch the announcement and some priceless reactions in this clip, and check out the photos in our gallery above or by clicking here:

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The average employee is getting $50,000 each, but the size of the bonus depends on the employee's tenure and years of service.

Some employees are getting six-figure bonuses upwards of $250,000.

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During the holiday party, each employee was given a red envelope which contained the amount of their bonus.

Employees were ecstatic with some using the money to pay off their mortgages, send their kids to college, and take dream vacations.