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Website allows you to put viral Bernie Sanders inauguration image at any address

bernie sanders put anywhere scott taylor (5).jpg
Bernie. (Scott Taylor)

Photos showing Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders sitting in a folding chair while wearing a coat and mittens have been going viral on social media since the inauguration of President Joe Biden Wednesday.

There's now a website that will allow you to put the image of Bernie sitting in that chair in front of any physical address across the world.

Check out photos of some of the places we put Bernie in our gallery above or by clicking here. 2News viewer Scott Taylor also sent us some photos he photoshopped of Sanders around Utah.

2News tried several addresses, including our own, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Salt Lake Temple, and the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

You can enter any address and it will put an image of Bernie in front of that address.

Try it out here:

The site was developed by Nick Sawhney.