Trump admin partners with CVS, Walgreens to get some seniors vaccinated for COVID-19

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Trump administration partners with CVS, Walgreens to get seniors in long-term care facilities vaccinated for COVID-19 (Photo: KUTV File)

Senior citizens in long term care facilities all across the country will have the chance to get a COVID-19 vaccine when one becomes available.

Multiple companies have a trail in the final phase right now.

On Friday the Trump administration announced a partnership with CVS and Walgreens to provide the COVID vaccine, when available, at no cost to seniors in long term care facilities.

74-year-old Sherry Salimbene wants to get a COVID vaccine “too many people are dying from this so that's my big concern. I have no concern about when it gets here I have total faith.”

At her age, she knows she's vulnerable to this new virus adding “seniors need a lot of help.”

The Trump administration says this will be available in rural parts of the country which we know would pertain to Utah.

“We don't know yet, the jury is still out, this has only been known within the last few hours, the devil's in the details” says Tim Chambless a political science professor.

Tim says he is part of one of the major vaccine trails in the final phase adding “I’ve had two shots and I indicate to the research folks how I'm feeling and I suspect I was given a placebo because I'm still reasonably healthy right now.”

Chambless doesn’t think this move by the Trump administration will sway voters just weeks before the election?

“I’m not sure that it's going to be the number one primary motivation for voters of any age much less senior citizens” Chambless says.

But he is a little more confident this move will get some push back adding “it may take litigation that will go well past November 3rd or January 20th.”

Here’s more information on Friday’s announcement.