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Utah high school student bullied, spat on for wearing hat in support of President Trump

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Cellphone video shows a West Jordan High School student bullied and spat on for wearing a hat in support of President Trump. (Video shared with KUTV)

Cellphone video shows a West Jordan High School student bullied and spat on for wearing a hat in support of President Trump.

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15-year-old Braxton McElhaney is a sophomore at West Jordan High School. He said the confrontation happened on one of his first days back at school. He said he was taunted by other students and spit on because of what he was wearing.

Cellphone video taken inside the school captured the confrontation on Sept. 3.

"The two girls, they kept antagonizing me, calling me a racist, saying I look r-----ed, and calling me a white supremist, white privilege, because I was wearing my Trump hat,” McElhaney said.

He said two female students ripped his hat off, stomped on his glasses, threw his American flag face mask in the dumpster, and spit in his face. Braxton said he had to battle the urge to fight back, but kept calm.

Braxton's family says the school acted quickly to investigate. His mom, Meshyalah McElhaney, said she can barely get through watching the video.

It brings me to tears every time I watch it, and I can't believe that people who are on that side and try to push love and acceptance and toleration of other people, and then they are so against somebody who is just a patriot,” she said.

Braxton's father, Joe McElhaney, said this confrontation is part of a bigger picture of intolerance from both sides.

The way he was treated, the way that a lot of people are treated with all of this divide that we have going on in our country, it's ridiculous,” he said.

Braxton himself said he knows the what some people negatively associate with a MAGA hat, but he won't stop wearing it.

"If they were just to like sit down and talk with someone and learn about the other side and the other parties, then they would be a lot more understanding, and less hate form one side towards another,” Braxton said.

In a statement to 2News the Jordan School District said the situation was immediately dealt with, and law enforcement have investigated. A spokesperson for the school district said they cannot comment on the discipline the students received because it is a police matter.

The West Jordan Police Department were not immediately available to comment. Braxton’s family said criminal charges are being filed.

The full statement from the Jordan School District:

Jordan School District does not tolerate or condone the type of behavior seen in this video. Our schools stand for respect and inclusion where all are free to learn and work in a safe, welcoming environment without judgment.
This situation was immediately investigated with the support and involvement of law enforcement. Swift, appropriate disciplinary action was taken following district protocol.”