Mask lanyards in high demand for children as school year starts

{ }Snoozy's Kids in Mountain Brook has created a waiting list for child & adult mask lanyards.{ } (ABC 3340)

Students required to wear masks in school could also benefit from an item that makes keeping up with the mask a little easier.

Trouble is, this new type of lanyard is in short supply.

The waiting list for mask lanyards at Snoozy’s Kids in Mountain Brook is piling up.

"We got a few in just to kind of test them to make sure they were right and they were so right we have a list of many many names," Snoozy's owner George Jones said.

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Jones orders the lanyards from out of state from Texas and Tennessee. So far he’s sold more than 125.

"When it comes to lunch time at school they don't want them on the table they don't want them dropping on the floor," he said, "so they attach it back here just drop it right here and they can't lose it."

They work almost like eyeglass lanyards and range from $7.99 to $11.99.

The masks lanyards are hard to find. We called around to a few stores, they didn't have any. They seem easier to find online.

"I know that some kids aren't as responsible as others and I just didn't want her to lay it down at lunch or get it confused with someone who may have a mask that looks just like hers," Erica Gooden said.

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Gooden is a mother of three. She says she couldn’t find any so she decided to start making some.

"The mask part right here and you just snap it on there and then that's it and you just put it around your neck," she said.

She uses ribbon and buttons. She says she’s been getting requests for children and adults.

Gooden says she plans to donate some to schools in the Helena area.

If you're interested in getting one you can email Gooden at The lanyards are $5.