Donovan Mitchell teases new 'Spida' gear in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Twitter pic

donovan mitchell spiderman tweet utah jazz (1).PNG
Donovan Mitchell teases new 'Spida' shoes in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Twitter pic. (Photo: Twitter screengrab from Donovan Mitchell)

Utah Jazz star Donovan "Spida" Mitchell seems to be teaming up with Spider-Man in a pic he posted to Twitter Friday.

The pic shows Mitchell posing with "Spider-Man: Far From Home" star Tom Holland (Spider-Man) in what appears to be a living room.

The mysterious Tweet reads:

I’ve been waiting to post this forever hahaha but I can’t show y’all what I’m wearing ????????... ???????? #donissue1 #SpiderManFarFromeHome

Mitchell blacked himself out in the pic, so it's unclear what he's wearing.

His socks can be seen, however, and they are black with red spiderwebs.

It also appears he may be wearing red on his right arm, but that could be a result of the phone-based marker he used to block his appearance.

Holland is also seen wearing Mitchell's signature shoes.

Mitchell's nickname is "Spida" and he's worn spider-inspired gear in the past, including Spider-Man-inspired shoes called the "D.O.N. Issue #1."

Comic books are released in issues, and the name seems to be a play on that theme.

The hashtag; "#donissue1" is in the Tweet,

That refers to Spider-man inspired shoes Mitchell debuted in the NBA Playoffs in April.

Another Tweet teases Holland and Mitchell working on a project together.

Check out other Tweets teasing Mitchell's shoes below.