Utah high school senior with special needs scores winning shot at basketball game

Hillcrest High School Basketball
Hillcrest High School baskeball fans celebrate the last game ever played on the Husky court before reconstruction. (Photo: Hillcrest High School Facebook page)

A Hillcrest High School senior shot the winning basket at a Tuesday night game with only 30 seconds left on the clock.

Tanner Cluff is a student with special needs and is also the basketball team manager at Hillcrest High.

Twitter user @anniejjolly tweeted a video of Tanner running down the court to make the final basket.

Cluff is seen running back with his arms in the air, giving high-fives to another teammate along the way.

The cheering crowd then stands and begins to chant his name. The video ends with the buzzer and Tanner's teammates surrounding him in the middle of the court with hugs and cheers.

The tweet caption containing the video reads:

If this video doesn’t make you tear up.... then I don’t know what will. There is good in this world.

Receiving 901 likes, 159 retweets, and seven comments and counting, Tanner receives much support from his fans.

Twitter users commented that they were tearing up and they loved hearing the gym chant his name.

A Facebook user also shared the video, stating that this was the boys' last game before the gym is torn down and rebuilt in its new vicinity.