Prep of the Week: Bingham’s Tess Blair

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Tess Blair

(KUTV) - Being a high school kid is not an easy thing. They’ve got academics, a social life, clubs, etc. Throw in a highly-competitive sport that can sometimes put you on an island and life can be downright stressful! Then there are those kids that have an incredible mechanism that allows them to remain calm under extreme circumstances. Over at Bingham High School, Junior Tess Blair was the top overall medal winner at the 6A State Golf Championships and the Miners are out to defend a team title in 2018. Tess is a 4.0 student and friendly to everyone she meets walking the hallways of her high school. She’s also got a wonderful support system with a family that supports her win or lose. In this week’s “Prep of the Week,” Adam Mikulich meets with Tess at her usual driving range and putting green. They talk about handling the stresses of tough situations and about taking on more of a leadership role now that she’s become an upperclassmen. Meet another great local kid doing really impressive things right here!