Prep of the Week: Judge Memorial's Madi Tarturo

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Prep of the Week

(KUTV) - High School students have a lot on their plates. Throw in athletics and you’re adding some more. Then there are some athletes that take it to another level. At Judge Memorial, Senior Madi Tarturo takes on a Fall workload that most people would shy away from. She’s not only a captain on the Bulldogs soccer team, but she’s also the number two runner on the varsity cross country team and finds a may to manage her time with both. In this installment of the “Prep of the Week,” Adam Mikulich visits Madi in her element where they talk about her love of the game of soccer and why it means so much. Her coach Scott Platz, who’s also the school’s Athletic Director, makes sense of how she’s able to manage her time so well, and then Madi talks about heading into the state tournament. Meet another great, local kid right here!