Prep of the Week: Pleasant Grove's Devin Bunnell

Prep of the Week

(KUTV) - Swimmers are some of the craziest kids at their respective high school. They put in hours and hours of pool time, miles and miles off rigorous activity, and it’s all in the hopes of shaving seconds at a time, and sometimes even less. At Pleasant Grove, Senior Devin Bunnell is one of the state’s very best and he literally holds all but two, individual records within his school’s program. He’s a tremendous student, also takes part in school choir, and loves mathematics and technology. Devin will have several options to swim collegiately if he chooses to do so, but he’s also spent on the best college experience possible, and would give up swimming for the right type of education. In this week’s “Prep of the Week,” Adam Mikulich meets Devin in American Fork to talk about hard work, a very unique sport, and leaving his mark on the Viking program.