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5 Questions with Spence! RSL will NOT be moving!

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5 Questions With Spence{ }

(KUTV) - It's the latest edition of 5 questions with Spence as Spence Checketts from ESPN700 joins our Dave Fox. Questions include should BYU still be looking for another Football game or just finish out the season and get set for their bowl game? Utah Freshman Running back Ty Jordan, where does Spence place this kid on the man-crush meter? Plus, why RSL will NOT be moving even after they are sold, and as a bonus question who would Spence be willing to share the apartment with if the newest reality show is the "Real Sports Guys of Talkin Sports"? Join us for 5 questions with Spence!!! Note: Due to technical difficulties we can only bring viewers of this segment four questions with Spence.