The Weekly Huddle is now All That Jazz!

The Weekly Huddle is now All That Jazz
The Weekly Huddle is now All That Jazz

(KUTV) — It’s that time of year to transition the Weekly Huddle from football to Basketball. The latest edition of the Weekly Huddle, Utah Jazz edition is on line now.

Guest host David Locke, the radio voice of the Jazz, is on point with Jazz analytics that will keep any Jazz fan looking forward to the rest of the season. Locke reveals his research that shows the Jazz lead the NBA in one category that involves shot selection, a statistic that is an eye opener for all basketball fans. Plus high notes include Rudy Gobert and Ricky Rubio.

Also the Jazz comradery in the locker room that few teams experience, and how the organization has built the team on those relationships. Plus Locke tells us why frustration over the Jazz inconsistency can be put to rest with a simple analogy that we can all relate too. Check out All That Jazz with Dave Fox and David Locke here: