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Davis Schools will soon transition to in-class learning 4 days a week

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Davis Schools will soon transition to in-class learning 4 days a week (KUTV)

Starting Sept. 28, the Davis School District will abandon its hybrid model and begin transitioning students to in-class learning four days per week.

The school board voted for the change in a meeting on Tuesday.

The vote means that elementary school students in the district will transition to in-person class four days per week starting on Sept. 28. Secondary students will start the transition on Oct. 5, district spokesperson Christopher Williams confirmed.

The hybrid model has drawn ire from some parents who've spent months picketing and protesting district meetings.

Concerns laid out by the group Utah Parents United included that the district should allow parents more choice and flexibility, and that the hybrid schedule would negatively impact students' learning.

Tuesday, board chair John Robison told 2News there were "no regrets" about starting the school year with caution during the coronavirus pandemic.

"We are as low — if not lower — than any district with the number of kids who are quarantined, which is a critical element of this because once they’re quarantined they’re out of the classroom,” he told 2News.

He said it was still too early to tell how the hybrid model effected students academically.

The new transition plan has two phases, though Williams could not immediately elaborate Tuesday night on what phase 2 would be. He said phase 2 would begin on Jan. 20.