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Abby Huntsman, former co-host of The View, gets false negative on COVID-19 test

Abby Huntsman, former co-host of The View, gets false negative on COVID-19 test (Photo: Abby Huntsman / Instagram)

Abby Huntsman, daughter of gubernatorial candidate Jon Huntsman, Jr., received a false negative on her coronavirus test and is now testing positive like her father and mother.

Huntsman was a co-host on the talk show, "The View," but left the job to focus on running her father’s campaign for governor of Utah. She announced her false-negative test on her Instagram account on Monday and described the virus as a "giant snake" wrapped around her entire body and squeezing randomly at different times and different areas. She said:

One hour it can be your head and you can have the worst migraine of your life and the next hour you feel totally fine. And then the next hour after that, it can be your chest and you're struggling to breathe.

Jon Huntsman, Jr., tested positive June 10 for COVID-19 after two false negatives. However, Abby said in her Instagram post video that her dad is feeling 95% better. Her mother, Mary Kaye Huntsman, also tested positive for novel coronavirus, June 19th.

The mother of three said in a prior social media post, June 10:

What a week it’s been for our family. My test from last week finally came back negative but will go back for another test today after living in the same house as my dad. Hoping the state can figure out its testing complications as this is too important to get wrong.

Abby called her living arrangements with her parents "the COVID house" and said her mother is still experiencing the inability to taste or smell. She said others in the house are dealing with aches and fever that "are not so fun" but reports the kids are all good and not exhibiting any symptoms at all.

She also said her sister Liddy, who has type 1 diabetes, has been asymptomatic if she has had COVID-19 and is hoping she continues to stay strong and healthy.

What symptom all the Huntsman clan seems to be coping with is extreme fatigue. Abby said it is unlike anything anyone in her family has ever dealt with before but emphasized they will all get through the virus. She closed her video post by advising everyone to follow the health officials advisement to help minimize the spread of coronavirus. She said:

Please, please take care of yourself and wear that mask. Keep your family safe. It is just not fun.

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