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Utah man steals truck for alien encounter, but felt bad and returned it

Bryce Jerald Dixon blue.jpg
Bryce Jerald Dixon (Photo: Salt Lake County)

A Utah man allegedly stole a truck he said he needed to rendezvous with aliens but felt bad for stealing it and returned it to a 7 Eleven store.

Bryce Jerald Dixon is accused of theft of a vehicle and three attempts to escape from official custody after he returned a red pickup truck that he later told police he needed so that he could "get to the Colosseum to get on a flight with alien diplomats."

According to court documents, Dixon intended to drive the truck all the way to the Colosseum but felt bad for stealing it so he returned to the 7 Eleven he took it from to give it back. The truck had been reported stolen when the owner — who left his truck unlocked with the keys inside while he stopped into the story — called 911.

Police responded and investigated and when an officer arrived at the convenience store he was met by the truck's owner who said the man suspected of taking it returned it and was running from the location. The officer used his radio and another officer took the suspect into custody.

The suspect was taken to a hospital for an injury sustained when the truck owner allegedly punched him in the face. Once in hospital care, police said Dixon tried to slip past officers three times. There Dixon allegedly apologized to police and told them aliens needed him to get to the Colosseum.

He was booked into the Utah County jail on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle and police and three counts of attempted escape.