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Utah vs. Arizona: New report shows Utah leads neighbor in many economic categories

utah vs arizona.jpg
Delicate Arch in Utah (L), Grand Canyon in Arizona (R). (KUTV file)

A prominent children's advocacy group has mostly good news for Utah when it comes to the standard of living for families of median-to-lower incomes.

Voices for Utah Children compared our state to Arizona and then the nation in several categories.

Each year they compare Utah to another state and then the overall country.

In recent years the report’s honed in on Colorado and California. This year, it’s Arizona.

In around a dozen different categories including education, healthcare, wages, cost of living, and poverty, Utah for the most part ranks above the Grand Canyon State and the nation.

But, there are notable gaps that make a difference. Voices for Utah Children leaders say a lot of people still think of Utah as a really white state, but that's just not the case.

About 25% of kids here come from minority groups, which are mostly Latino families.

They say that means a quarter of our future workforce is greatly impacted if we don't close some of the different gaps.

Matthew Weinstein of Voices for Utah Children said:

We look at it as a matter of closing gaps and making upfront investments in education, poverty prevention, and public health. Closing these gaps so that we can all have a better future."

He says implementing these things now will improve the lives of all Utahns, regardless of their background. Y

You can view the full report with complete findings here.