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Police officers take homeless Navy vet shopping

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Phoenix police officers take a homeless Navy vet shopping and buy him new shoes, socks, and food. (Courtesy: Phoenix Police Department){ }

PHOENIX, Ariz. (SBG) — A homeless vet has a new pair of shoes thanks to the generosity of two police officers.

In a video posted by the Phoenix Police Department, the vet is seen sitting in a wheelchair outside of a Walmart talking with the officers. One of the officers asks the vet if he has any shoes. He replies, "No, I'm homeless." The officers agree to buy him some shoes and push his wheelchair toward the store. On their way inside, the officer is heard asking the homeless man if he's a vet, who replies, "Navy." The officer thanks him for his service.

Once in the store, the officers head straight for the shoe aisle, and when asked which pair of shoes he wanted, the vet replied, "I want something that's going to last."

After deciding on a pair of shoes, the officers told the vet they would also buy him some socks and asked if he needed food. The vet said he wanted some grapes.

After paying for the man's items, the officers told the cashier to give the change to the vet to pay for a bus ride home.

"Acts like this happen daily, and is a much needed reminder that #HumanKindness is everywhere," the Phoenix Police Department stated on Twitter.

The video ends with a man thanking them the officers for assisting the vet.